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The Earthtec 5 Gallon Portable Toilet is a must for outdoor aficionados looking for the most efficient, sanitary method of relieving themselves on the go. Portable and convenient, the Earthtec 5 Gallon Portable Toilet is ready for heavy duty use whether you’re camping in the middle of the woods or on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

With Earthtec portable toilets, comfort and sanitation are key. EarthTec 5 Gallon Portable Toilets are sit down toilets capable of supporting up to 350 pounds; built above and beyond general standards required for usage.

Unlike most portable toilets that are waterless or only capable of holding 4 gallons of water at best, this portable toilet has a 5 gallon capacity. This makes it possible to flush the Earthtec 5 Gallon Portable Toilet up to 50 times. A higher storage and flush capacity adds longer usage without refilling or running out of flushes.

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Where to Purchase
EarthTec Portable Toilets can be found at select specialty markets online. Learn more about where to purchase EarthTec products and our approved list of retailers.
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